Whales of Atlantis – In Search of Moby Dick

WHALESposterDive into the dark waves of the Atlantic to make contact  with the Giants of the Sea…

The ancient Greek Plato claimed that the continent of Atlantis vanished in one day and one night, leaving only the peaks of its mountains emerging from the Atlantic’s surface: Today, we know these mountain peaks as the Islands of the Azores.

There, a legendary whale lives in the depths: the Sperm whale. Herman Melville wrote Moby Dick after this Sea Giant. For decades, whale Hunters have been harpooning herds of these magnificent creatures, pursuing them from the United Sates to
the remote waters of the mammal’s favorite sanctuary, the Azores.

Join explorer-filmmaker Jean-Christophe Jeauffre and his crew on board the fantastic sailing ship, the three master ship Belem, in search of the mystic Whale, in the last chapter of the Jules Verne Expedition trilogy.

You are about to board another amazing Action-documentary film from the Jules Verne Adventures Expeditions on the Atlantic, for a five-month spectacular mission of discovery, narrated by legendary actor Christopher Lee (Lord of the Rings, Star Wars) and powerfully scored by Emmy Award winner John Scott (Greystoke, Cousteau’s Undersea World).

France / United States, 52 min., 2003-2007
Producers: Jules Verne Adventures, SlingShot Ent.
Director: Jean-Christophe Jeauffre
Executive Producer: Frédéric Dieudonné
Cinematography: Jean-Christophe Jeauffre / Roch Pescadère / Laurent Guénoun
Music: John Scott