The Jules Verne Awards

Celebrating legendary movies and people

JVA-award-statuetteThe Jules Verne Légendaire Awards celebrate Legendary Movies and Stars. They have previously been presented to: Star Wars, Episode V, Blade Runner, The Birds, 2001: A Space Odyssey, The Wild Bunch, Planet of the Apes, Steve McQueen, Tony Curtis.

The Jules Verne Légendaire Awards celebrations invite the Stars and the public to Once in a lifetime stage reunions of the original cast and film makers from the legendary movies.

The Jules Verne Achievement Awards distinguish artists, explorers, filmmakers, actors and celebrities who have encouraged the spirit of adventure and imagination, as well as open-mindedness through their talent, work and persistence. Jane Goodall, George Lucas, James Cameron, Jacques Cousteau, Buzz Aldrin, Christopher Reeve, Harrisson Ford, Tippi Hedren, Omar Sharif stand among the fine recipients of the Jules Verne Achievement Award.

The Jules Verne Awards are presented to the very best documentaries on exploration and wildlife each year.


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