Jules Verne Adventures is a non-profit organization, based in Los Angeles, originally founded in Paris, in 1992, by young filmmakers/explorers/writers Jean-Christophe Jeauffre and Frédéric Dieudonné with the support of Captain Jacques-Yves Cousteau.

The mission of educating the public is a direct response to generations of planetary neglect and massive human impact on the environment. JVA takes action: we explore, educate, preserve and inspire through imagination.

Via film productions, exciting and star-studded popular events, educational and environmental programs, and an acclaimed international film festival, JVA embraces the adventurous legacy of Jules Verne, celebrating the wonders of our world in the 21st Century.

“JVA combines education with entertainment. Believing also in Verne’s optimism, we celebrate the best of the, human spirit. Education of young people is Key. By helping them think outside the box, as Jules Verne did in his wonderful novels, such as 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea or Journey to the Center of the Earth, we have faith in a better world. We welcome on board all those who share this vision.”

Jean-Christophe Jeauffre and Frédéric Dieudonné
Environmentalists, Members of the Explorers Club


jvalogonature_petitThe greatest adventure of all time has begun: to take action for our Planet. The Jules Verne Nature and Education program at the JVF Porthole facility in Los Angeles offers more than 15,000 children annually the opportunity to discover and understand our planet… and that number is growing by the day.

Through free screenings, interactive events, Q&As, and visits with scientists, explorers, and artists, we help shed a new light on our world, bringing alive notions of biodiversity, sustainable development, and environmental consciousness.

Here children learn how to take action at their own levels for the preservation of our home world, for a better future.

We derive most of our support from donations made by corporate sponsors, members and private donors.
Your donations helped touch 15,000 kids last year… Making them new ‘Earth Ambassadors“ to educate other people.

In 2009, as a response to the dramatic human impact on wildlife, the JVA Special Emergency fund for Endangered Species has been created. It focuses directly on 7 species on the verge of extinction: Chimpanzees, elephants, sharks, cheetahs, polar bears, tigers, and gorillas. Side with us, make a difference.


jvalogofilms_petitSince 1999, Jules Verne Film & Expeditions have been recognized worldwide for their original and compelling storytelling and spectacular cinematography. With narration by such acclaimed stars as Christopher Lee, Charlotte Rampling, and Ernest Borgnine, the Jules Verne films including 100 Years under the Sea, Amazon Trek, Whales of Atlantis, Explorers: From Titanic to the Moon, Devil’s Island, Red & White, and Five Months on the Seas have been shown worldwide in theaters, and on television, DVD, and the internet.

Their stories of adventure, exploration, depicting the beauties and its ancient mysteries have garnered Best Documentary Awards from the White Sands, Toronto, and Sydney Film Festivals, among many others.


logofestival_uspetit“This is not just a film festival. It’s about bigger issues. It helps us broaden our imagination and think outside the box.”

— George Lucas
Jules Verne Achievement Award, 2007

The Jules Verne Film Festival, with ceremonies held each in Los Angeles and in Paris, entertains and enlightens audiences of some 60,000 at the sister cities’ most historically significant theaters, and hundreds of thousands more via the internet. A glittering international occasion in each of its venues, the Festival is where Science meets Fiction: where film aficionados have the opportunity to interact with explorers and filmmakers, artists and scientists, movie stars and environmental heroes.

The Festival’s signature events include movie premieres, documentary competitions, the prestigious Jules Verne Awards gala, and tributes to timeless films and filmmakers representing the Jules Verne traditions of adventure, exploration, and imaginative flights of fancy.

Audiences have been treated to appearances by the likes of George Lucas, Harrison Ford, Jane Goodall, Buzz Aldrin, Johnny Depp, James Cameron, Christopher Reeve, Omar Sharif, Edward James Olmos, Tony Curtis, Roy Disney, William Shatner, Ted Turner, Patrick Stewart, Buzz Aldrin, Tippi Hedren, Malcolm McDowell, and many more.
And special evenings have been devoted to the creators and cast of such cultural landmarks as Star Trek, Heroes, Smallville, Lost and Battlestar Galactica.

Prestigious sponsors have been supporting the festival: The City of Los Angeles, Walt Disney Pictures, Clear Channel, L.A.Downtown News, L.A. Conservancy, KTLA, L.A. Weekly, Warner Bros, 20th Century Fox and many more…